Welcome to Fairytale Kindergarten!

Welcome to FairytaleKindergarten!

Our private kindergarten is situated in a quiet and serene neighborhood in the 16th district of Budapest. The eco-friendly school building was designed to be a safe and modern kindergarten from the ground up in order tocreate a learning environment that satisfies all the needs of the children, parents and teachers.

We provide a homely environment for a small group of mixed-age, English-Hungarian speaking children. This small class size gives us the opportunity to focus individual care and attention on each child, allowing the teachers to interact with each child in accordance with their particular stage of readiness.

Our facilities are spacious and child-friendly. The large classroomis equipped with different types of toys, games and educational tools to encourage creativity, social interaction and learning. In addition to the basic amenities, such as our fully stocked kitchen and the large bathroom designed for young children, we also feature both an indoor gymnasium and an outdoor garden. Both have been designed to be safe and stimulating play areas for children of this age group.

At Fairytale Kindergarten, your child will be in a stable, happy and loving environment everyday.

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri. 07:30 – 17:30

Extracurricular activities: folk dancing, ballet and swimming

Please write to us at mesevilagovi@gmail.com if you would like to apply, and we will get in touch with you shortly with more details.