English language

The educational principle and concept of our kindergarten is that the children learn the second language through play in a natural environment. This way they also learn how to use it in different situations and they will speak the second language confidently.

As the children start to learn the foreign language in communication and not on a specific lesson, it is simulating a native environment. More and more parents choose this type of kindergartens, because they realise how important for their children to start to learn a second language at an early age.

At Fairytale Kindergarten we emphasize on expanding the children’s vocabulary: first only to understand, later to be able to express themselves.

Our education is communication-focused: firstly we teach the words to be used in everyday life.

We have children from different countries, speaking different languages, this helps everyone to learn how to accept other cultures, how to approach to different national characteristics.

Our educational programme has respect for both the Hungarian and the International communities’ culture and holidays.